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UK Energy Research Centre: Fracking is “hype”, “lacking in evidence”.

The BBC reports that researchers from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) told the BBC promises of lower prices and greater energy security from UK shale gas were “hype” and “lacking in evidence”.

It is very frustrating to keep hearing that shale gas is going to solve our energy problems – there’s no evidence for that whatsoever… it’s hype”, Prof Jim Watson, UKERC research director, told BBC News.

It’s extraordinary that ministers keep making these statements. They clearly want to create a narrative. But we are researchers – we deal in facts, not narratives. And at the moment there is no evidence on how shale gas will develop in the UK.

Shale gas has been completely oversold. Where ministers got this rhetoric from I have absolutely no idea. It’s very misleading for the public.

One might wish that the BBC would provide links to original sources. FFT&W has not so far read the UKERC report, but certainly agrees with the gloss in the article.


Fracking and Birth Defects

A study published via the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences finds an increase in congenital heart defects and neural tube defects among babies born close to fracking wells.

Birth Outcomes and Maternal Residential Proximity to Natural Gas Development in Rural Colorado Opens as PDF

It’s interesting to note that the study took a year to get published after being submitted to the journal, and presumably took the scientists themselves several years to conduct. This long lag time for academic research — perfectly normal — is why fracking companies allow themselves to claim that there is “no evidence” for public health problems from fracking. They know they have a few years to entrench themselves before the studies start coming out to prove what residents already know