A selection of articles about fracking, extreme energy sources, and climate change.

Are we fit to frack? [20 March 2014] Joint report by Angling Trust, National Trust, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Salmon & Trout Association, The Wildlife Trust, and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is extremely sceptical about fracking, points out its potential dangers for wildlife and especially wetland birds, and says if it is to go ahead it must be very heavily regulated.

Fracking depleting water supplies in America’s driest areas [Guardian, 5 Feb 2013] “A number of small communities in Texas oil and gas country have already run out of water or are in danger of running out of water in days, pushed to the brink by a combination of drought and high demand for water for fracking.”

Increase in birth defects in fracking areas. [Environmental Health Perspectives, 28 Jan 2014] A study published via the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences finds an increase in congenital heart and neural defects among babies born close to fracking wells.

Richard Davies (Durham University) and shale gas. A useful link to a talk by Richard Davies and an deconstruction by our friends at Frack-Free Flyde

Does a river have a right not to be polluted? Interesting backgrounnd article, making the point that the natural environment does not have legal rights, but corporations do.

Letter from a local businessman. Not really an article, but an open letter sent to our friends at Frack-Free Flyde. So clear and informative, tho, that it is well worth linking to.

Update on climate change [Nature Bats Last, 6 Jan 2014]. An in-depth account of the state of knowledge and politics regarding climate change which presents the situation as critical beyond all measures of urgency. “If you’re too busy to read the evidence presented below, here’s the bottom line: On a planet 4 C hotter than baseline, all we can prepare for is human extinction.”


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